Sentinel II

Sentinel II comes with two sets of LED strips with 16 million colors, these give you the ability to realize your RGBW display ambition.

Sentinel VIII

Sentinel VIII comes with eight spotlights with warm and white options with 160deg rotation each adjustable vertically.

Sentinel X

Sentinel X comes with two sets of light panels distributes brightness evenly on your display it gives you that studio lighting look.

Internal Power Track

World’s first integrated power track as part of our uniquely designed frame. It allows endless integration of add-ons and customizations, there is nothing like it in the market.

Plug and play USB hub, illuminate collectibles that comes with LED lighting, spin those rotating base and many more.

Watch out for our add-ons expansion as we go along.

USB hub

Terravault’s unique connector allows you to attach multiple USB hubs at once and have it power up numerous small appliances such as rotating base, air purifier, LED stand, and many more.

led spotlight

Twist and snap the spotlight anywhere along the power track to turn it on. Powering-up-to 60 spotlights at once within each cabinet. Watch out for our add-ons expansion as we go along.