USB Hub with Power Step-down Adaptor

USD 25.90

  • Connects directly to Terravault power track
  • Supports over-current and instant-current protection
  • 4 x Hi-Speed USB ports

This device adds four quick USB access to your display cabinet, it comes with compatible power converter. Plug and play your display accessories directly to Terravault power tracks, perfect for any USB powered devices.

Compatible with all Sentinel display cabinets. Compliant with USB version 1.1/ 2.0/ 3.0

Easy Installation
Twist and snap the power track connector anywhere along the power tracks, then plug the USB hub to power step down adapter and you are good to go. Total cable length of about 80cm allows you to position it within reach for all your devices.

Current Protection
Supports over-current and instant-current protection to protect connected devices and itself










Weight 0.1 kg
What's in the box

4 port USB hub x 1
Power track connector (USB) x 1


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