About Us

We started the business in 2016 and have since become the leading display cabinet brand in Singapore called SGTOYDISPLAY, as a group of collectors ourselves our purpose has never change, it’s always to take display seriously and provide the right products for fellow collectors. Subsequently overwhelming number of collectors overseas started to discover us, we receive a lot of request saying they could not find the right cabinet for their collection, that’s when we decided to go global and offer homes for collections around the world.

Through years of experience working with collectors, we have gathered tremendous learnings on what works in displaying collections, we knew we needed to invent something extraordinary to balance artistry and performance which means to not only store and protect the collection but most importantly to honor and value one’s investment, to do that we had to wipe out the canvas and start a fresh, that’s when Terravault was born, every detail was carefully engineered with excellent quality materials, The Sentinels are smart, adjustable and sustainable to last for generations.  

We are proud to present our new and evolved World’s First Smart Display Cabinet The Terravault, generations ahead of its kind. This is just a beginning, we aspire to bring more features and offer more options to accommodate the diverse lifestyle of fellow collectors.